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What is the difference between a
Cushion and a Pillow?

cushion (koosh'en) n. [<ML. coxinum] 1. a pillow or pad 2. a thing that is in the shape or use 3. anything that absorbs shock - vt to provide with a cushion
pillow (pil'o) n. [OE. pyle] a cloth case filled with feathers, etc. used esp. to support the head in sleeping - vt. to rest as on a pillow

The answer lies in how you expect a form to function. If you are going to sit or lean on the form and it is expected to act as the primary cushion, then you need a cushion. If the form is not the primary seat or back and is not expected to hold up your body's weight, then a simple pillow will work.

Seat Cushions - For most situations, the most common construction for a comfortable seat cushion to to start with a foam core and to wrap it in something soft like polyester, down/feather or wool. Foam comes in a range of firmnesses, all of which can be cut to fit your cover.

Some types of cushions that are discussed on our blog are:

Foam core with polyester wrap

Spring core with down/feather wrap

Ottoman Floor Cushions with Foam Core

Cushion Works prides itself on the wonderful cushion and pillow forms it manufactures. We make to order seat cushions, back cushions, floor pillows, throw pillows, bed pillows, bolsters and any other wild design your might have. We fill our pillows with a variety of soft materials such as down and feather, polyester, foam and kapok.

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