> Cushion Works - How to Measure Pillows


Measuring, Allowances, and Crown

Measuring: Cushion Works makes all our pillows to your specifications. Therefore it is important that we are on the same page when we measure. A knife edge pillow is measured from corner to corner across the seam. Don't measure diagonally or across the belly or center (see below).


pillow cover measured from corner to corner along the seam

pillow covers should not be measured diagonally or across the center (belly)


Allowances: Cushion Works makes allowances for seams and fullness. For instance, if you cover measures 18" x 18", we will manufacture an 18" x 18" form that includes extra allowances for crown and fullness. Our 18" x 18" form actually measures 19" x 19" and is cut with a bow in the center (see below)