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For 35 years, Cushion Works has specialized in custom cutting and fitting of polyurethane foam for chairs, sofas, benches, window seats, ottomans, mattresses, restaraunts, campers and trailers, boats, padding for shipping paintings and pottery, recording studios, Halloween costumes, Burning Man constructions, and Bay to Breakers craziness (we are in San Francisco after all).
There are different levels of firmness and density to choose from. High Resiliency holds its firmness the longest. Low Density starts off firm, but will soften more quickly.
Some specialized foam projects are:
Replacement Cushions
Bench Cushions
Drifast Foam (for outdoor projects)
Mid-Century Modern Seat Cushions
Polyurethane foam is recyclable. We send all of our scrap to be shredded. It is then rebonded and used as carpet pad.
We recommend that you stop by our shop to sit test our selection of foam.
We are open M - F, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. Email your project details or call us at 415-552-6220.



Foam core with a bonded polyester wrap cut per pattern.


Types of Foam Projects

Replacement Chair & Sofa Cushions • Wedges • Bolsters • Window Seats • Misc. Shapes


Cushion Works ph: 415-552-6220

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